The quality of the website is assessed in a range of ways. Domain Authority is one of the black and white strategies (DA). You may use the DA of your website, to improve the quality of your SEO, in a number of ways.

It is developed by Moz and is described by a score established by Moz on a 100-point scale that shows how well a website ranks with search engines. When you compare one site to another, use the domain authority or measure your website’s ‘force’ over time. This statistic is calculated by integrating all of our other link metrics – root domains link, total link numbers, MozRank, MozTrust, etc.

Domain Authority values range from 1 to 100 and are an example of how high a particular site is displayed on a search engine results page (SERP). Higher numbers imply that a website appears on a SERP higher. It also shows your company’s credibility.

One approach to expand your DA is by having numerous quality links to your website and to other websites.

How to calculate DA for Moz?

Domain authority is calculated with a logarithm which rises from 0 to 100 progressively. This indicates that you may improve your DA 10 to 20 by a few minor modifications. But moving the threshold from 90 to 95 will be more difficult.

Is there any role of Domain Authority in SERP
Is there any role of Domain Authority in SERP

Links are one of the key elements in the domain authority. You are authorised by links from a particular website. It’s like collecting points and the end score, your domain authority, is your overall amount of points. But the same amount of points do not apply to all links. Some are more valuable than others. The value of high DA sites is better than the value of low DA sites.

Why does a Domain Authority score matter?

Businesses with a great deal of support and that are generally seen as specialists are often related to higher domain authorities. For example, high-domain authorities on websites like WebMD or Apple have over 90 ratings.

All sites begin at 1, until the following sites may be created to begin to have a link to their websites.

When striving to rank against your competition, domain authority is crucial. The important term is ‘against your competitors,’ which means you don’t have to shoot a score for the 80s, but only one higher than your competitors if your competitors are all in their 20s.

Always make sure you are at the top using PPC, but organically you want the website to rank higher in the long term. In this context, you may examine your competitors’ backlinks by using the DA score and try to improve yours.

How to improve your DA score?

Improving the DA score will only help you to get on top of the SERPs. However, there are many ways that you can apply to improve the DA score of your website and compete with your fellow competitors.

It is often noticed that when a site creates discussions and is shared through social media, it tends to gain backlinks from other sites. This is one way that explains how we can reach the mass audience and create backlinks.

Other than this you can select the appropriate domain name for your web page, something you can remember easily, which will also improve your brand.

With this, optimizing web content is also important for website ranking. Don’t forget to insert title tags, alt picture tags, text and make sure to use correct keyword variants. Keywords are very important for reaching the top of the SERPs. It improves the search results and helps Google to find you on the particular keyword that you want your website to be on top.

Apart from this, creating content that is linkable and is SEO-friendly will help you get a higher DA score. Content works alongside SEO. If you develop material in your website and don’t execute SEO Punjab, it will not be worth spending so much time on your content, because these two approaches work together.

SEO improves user experience and allows people to easily navigate your website. To get a respectable DA, you must focus on this stage since it is one of the main milestones when a website is launched on the Internet.

Furthermore, enhance the structure of your internal links. Link to your website’s other related information which will improve your website’s user experience.

How to improve your DA score
How to improve your DA score

Check for broken or spammed links and get rid of them. They are as damaging to a site as good links help a site, therefore fix all those spam or poor links that you find on your website and improve it immediately.

Check out whether your website is mobile-friendly. Check out its speed and ensure whether the website is mobile responsive and works best on gadgets other than laptops and computers.

Which tools to use for checking the Domain Authority of a website?

There are a number of tools available on the internet that provide a DA PA checker but not all of them give instant and accurate results. For your ease, we have come up with two tools that are available on the internet for free and provide amazing and immediate results.

1. DA PA Checker by Prepostseo

This user-friendly tool is all that you need to check your website’s domain authority score. Either you need to check DA PA or you need to paraphrase your content prepostseo contain everything in just one platform. It is a one-stop solution and gives accurate and instant results.

It allows you to paste up to 500 URLs in one go and provides the score in seconds. It is developed by Moz logarithmic scale and is completely free to use.

People who want to enjoy its extra features can join the premium plan and enjoy the extra features of the tool provided by it.


This da pa checker tool is one of the best alternatives available online in the digital market for webmasters to evaluate domain and page authority rank.

With this, it’s quite easy to use this tool, because you only need to upload URLs and click on the check authority button. It gives accurate and immediate results and does not require any kind of extra charges or additional fees.


A website is the identity of your brand and taking care of it should be your first priority. Getting it designed and developed should not be important for you but having SEO-friendly content, backlinks and content strategy should be the first thing you do after it is launched on the world wide web.

Follow the tips mentioned above and improve your DA score for better website credibility.

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