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Note: We only work for those businessmen who are serious about their business and want to take their business to the next level. We provide the best-looking website, which is extremely fast to open and is secured from hackers.

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Why Choose Punjab’s Best Website Designer?



We as the best website designer in Punjab, offers the best and 100% responsive website. We provide 3 different versions of your website.

Very Fast
VPS Server

We optimize Java, HTML, CSS files and Mignify the website code, so that our client's website can load faster than your comptators websites.

SEO (Search
Engine Optimization)

Khalsa Website Designers gives you 100% guarantee, for the first rank on Google. We outrank your compositors and get you there in no time.

100% Secure

These days, security is must for all websites. So, we do not charge anything extra to secure and protect our client's sites from hackers around the world.

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Take Your Business To The Next Level Of Success

With The Help Of Punjab’s Best Website Designer You Can Get Success On The Internet

Khalsa Website Designers is one of the best website designing company in Punjab and this company has been winning the award to being the best website designer of Punjab from last 5 years in a row. As we are working in website development industry in Punjab since 2012, We have created more then 800+ websites so far and ranked many business on google’s first page. So, we can take your business to the next level of success on the internet in the year of 2020. Our offices are in multipal locations in Punjab, and we are also in Hoshiarpur city so if you are looking for the best website designing company in Hoshiarpur then choose Khalsa Website Designers as we are everywhere in Punjab, So, either if you are from any city, we can offer our website designing services to you.

#1. Why Choose Khalsa Website Designers?

No doubt that there are many other website designing businesses in Punjab which can get you a website but getting just a website should not be the goal for a businessman these days. They should get 100% responsive website which is secure from hackers and can rank one on all search engines out there. We are also offering our website designer Ludhiana services. Yes, we do all that for very reasonable price and Khalsa Website Designers guarantees you that no one can beat our price and get you the quality work and support we offer after the service.

The Best Virtual Private Server (VPS) In Punjab

#2. What Makes Us Different Than Others?

Khalsa Website Designers charge 50% less money than other website designers in Punjab and offers you great service and quality work. We provide free advice to everyone either they purchase from us or not. We respect others time and guarantee, for google’s first page rankings for multiple keywords. Khalsa Website Designers is the best website designing company in Chandigarh from 2014. There are tons of more other services which makes us different than our competitors. On the bottom of this page you can find some video testimonials which our clients has created for us so that other business owners can choose the best website designer in Punjab. Khalsa Website Designers is a brand you can trust.

Some Facts About Us


Now You Can Also Hire Punjab’s Best Website Designing Team!


Daljit Singh

Daljit Singh

CEO, Website Designer.



Graphic Designer.

Harjinder Singh

Harjinder Singh

Mobile App Developer

Daljeet Singh (Bablu)

Daljeet Singh (Bablu)

Custom Web Developer

Kamaldip Singh

Kamaldip Singh

Marketing & Outreach Expert



SEO & Sales

#3. Blazing Fast Website Experience!

The page you are on is a very long page with lots of images and graphics but still this page loaded quickly for you. No matter you are using your Laptop, Mobile or Tab to open our site, Our site will load in between 2-3 seconds. Offering very reasonable pricing for website designing company in Jalandhar from last many years and we optimize our client’s website so that those sites can load in just 1-2 secs from all screen sizes.

  • We offer Gzip Compression technology which makes your website super fast.
  • You get mobile and computer cache optimized website for faster loading.
  • We Minify HTML, Combine Google Fonts and CSS Files for the speed.
  • LazyLoad images will get you best possible speed optimization.
  • We are offering CDN (Content Delivery Network) service.
  • You will get SSD (Solid-State Drive) not the HHD.

This Is How We Rank You On The Google’s First Page!



This is the first step of "White Hat SEO" to research about what our client's competitors are doing to rank on the first page and what are their keywords.


OnPage SEO is one of the most important ranking factor we believe in, As 95% of our client's websites are ranking with just OnPage SEO optimization and they rank 1 always.


Here at 'Khalsa Website Designers' quality over quantity back-links is our primary focus and we believe only few high quality back-links can help you rank.


When we do all the manual SEO tasks, we make a daily report, which we send to you so that you can also see our hard work and everything we have done to rank you top.

One Stop Solution For Your Online Visibility!

We are here with a mission to make all clients super happy and satisfied.
That is why we have over 76 Google My Business 5 star reviews.

#4. Offering After Sale Support For Free.

Any website designer in Punjab can make website for you but after sale support plays a very important role in 100% client’s satisfaction. So, Khalsa Website Designers focus energy to offer the after sales support to our clients. Just because of that we have won the award in 2016, 2017 and 2018 for the best website designer of Punjab. Our after sales support makes “Khalsa Website Designers” the authority of website designing industry in Punjab. We have opened a new office in Mukhtasar so, if you need a website designer company in Mukhtasar then contact the award winning website designing company in Punjab.

No other website designer in Punjab is offering after sales support for free.

Our mission is to make our clients satisfied from our best quality services.

After sale support is very important, so, we charge no extra money.

#5. Free Backup Of Your Website Every Month.

Khalsa Website Designers do not take any risk on our client’s websites, as we take care of website security for our valuable clients for free. We have invested money for online backup storage solutions and we do not charge anything extra from our clients. These online drives, backup our client’s websites files on autopilot each month. In 2018, we have opened a brand new office in Patiala so if you need the best website designing company in Patiala then choose us as we are everywhere in punjab. As some times, some of our clients requests for the control panel from us and sometimes they make some changes and then they can not revert everything back. So, with the help of previous backups, if something happens to our client’s site, we can recover those files for them.

Automatically backup entire website and database each month.

No extra charge for this feature, Our clients get this feature for free.


List Of Our Services

Khalsa Website Designers offers each and everything you will ever need for your website.
We make sure that you stay above in the rank from your competitors, We do the heavy lifting for our clients.

Top 12 Reasons To Choose Khalsa Website Designers!

We have 10 years of experience in website designing industry in Punjab.

We design SEO optimized websites without any extra cost.

Charges are 60% less than other website designers in Punjab.

Offering VPS hosting for all clients for the fast and secure websites.

You get free after sales support from us without any extra money.

We offer unlimited SSD (Solid State Disk) space to our clients.

Have ranked more then 410 websites on the internet on the first rank.

We have one stop solution for all of your online visibility requirements.

Create E-Commerce websites and offers payment gateways integration.

Our service never shuts down or delay in loading. So, 100% server up-time.

We add premium security for clients sites, so that hackers can not hack.

Choosing the best website designer in Punjab can get you many benefits.

How We Complete Your Website/Project?


The most impotent task is to understand your project's requirements. So, we listen to you and understand your requirements.


Choose Design

Khalsa Website Designers send you some dummy designs links to your email ID. So, that you can choose the best design for your website.



Once our client's website is ready and our client is happy from our work, we launch their website on the internet for everyone.


Free Maintenance

After completing your website, we charge nothing for the yearly maintenance for your website and we update our client's website.


Get Your Website Completed From The Best Website Designer Of Punjab (2019)

Sikh Website Development Company Punjab India

Guys, this is very clear that you need an experienced website designer in Punjab who has successfully completed more than a thousands of great looking websites so far. Which are not just good looking but are secure and fast to load. You do not want to get your website done by someone who do not understand how to secure a website from hackers around the world . You need someone like Khalsa Website Designers who is always here for you and can fulfill all of your online business visibility requirements for very reasonable price.

There are so many website developers in Punjab and other states of Punjab, but finding the best one is a little hard task to perform in a short time. But currently, you are lucky as you have found the best website designer of Punjab as we are offering everything related to Website Designing, Search Engine Optimization, Mobile Application Development, Website Security Protection, VPS Hosting/Servers and Local Business Marketing Services in Punjab.

We have opened a new store in Gurdaspur and became the best website designing service provider company of Gurdaspur and offering VPS hosting service in Punjab for very reasonable price which no one can beat. We take care of everything for our clients. So, why choose someone else who do not even commit to provide you the best website designing service out there?

A lot of website designers do not have marketing skills, but we do teach “Gorilla Marketing” skills to our clients so that they can make their clients happy.

See, if you need a business website and thinking to find the best person who can has experience to design all types of websites, then i personally recommend you to choose Khalsa Website Designers as we have won the award to be the best website designer of Punjab 4 times in a raw and we go ahead to help our clients for the marking too. My number is available on the website, Please contact me if you have any question.

Khalsa Website Designers “Punjab” is expanding each and every year. This year in 2020, we have started offering our website design service in Delhi and we are very happy to open our website designing office in Delhi this year. Guys, If you are from Delhi then call us today, as we have started offering our quality website development services in Delhi too.

Looking forward to get in touch with you today. If you are visiting our website from your mobile then click on the call now button or send us message via WhatsApp chat and if you are on our website from your laptop/desktop then click on the live chat button and fill your contact details and we will contact you back.

Best website builder Punjab

Website Maker Punjab Creator Developer

You can get online in just 7 days, with a beautiful, fast and secure website. As a owner of your business you do not need to know the coding or designing of website. We create websites for you which are amazingly fast to load on all the browsers and all the screen sizes. We also started offering our website designing services in the city of Amritsar, Punjab. You do not have to deal with any kind of technical stuff as we are here and as a responsible and experienced website designer, we know your needs. You will just inform us about your industry or working sector and we will get you there where you want to be. I am waiting to hear from you.

A lot of our clients call us the best website developer Punjab and the best website maker Punjab of 2020. We also call our self the cheapest website creator in state Punjab and the most affordable website builder service in Punjab. If you are in the search of the guy who knows everything in the web development industry then contact Khalsa Website Designers today.

You will get your website designed by the most demanded website designer of Punjab and if you get your website completed from the best website designer in Punjab then you know your website will be 100% secure, fast and most good looking.

You can search this in the search engines, “Who is the best website designing company in Punjab?” or this “Website designing company in Punjab” and you will find us on the top rank ever.

As we are not just a website maker company in Punjab, we are the best website developers in Punjab. That means, we not only design good, we also develop websites. In 2018, we got awarded by the best website creator agency in punjab.

Looking for website builder service in Mohali? Find Khalsa Website Designers Service Punjab and get the stress free business website in no time. We are providing web design service Punjab for reasonable price for all over the world.

Punjabi Website Designer

Read What Our Clients Say About Us

Few Words About The CEO

Daljit Singh Khalsa Website Designers

Daljit Singh was born in Punjab, India, to a father who served in the army. Following on from his early school career he travelled to Australia, where he studied Hospitality and Hotel Management. He has since returned to his native Punjab.

Always tech savvy, Daljit self-taught himself how to fix computers. He worked in this occupation for 4 years, going door to door to fix laptops before moving into web design in 2012.

Since then Daljit has gone from strength to strength, building on his knowledge through internet articles about the latest technology and latest updates in the website designing industry, which he then passes on to help his clients with their business or website.

Now regarded as the best website designer in the Punjab by his many happy clients, Daljit does not sit on his laurels but continues to expand his knowledge and remain as up to date as he possibly can, ensuring his place at the top of his business.

Daljit is well aware of the importance of websites for fast-paced businesses in India today. He knows that speed and security is important too and how businesses strive to rank highly on Google’s first page.

In the future he wants to continue to provide quality website designing services to people at affordable prices, with great website opening speed and with security features that will keep businesses safe from hackers and bots.

Some YouTube Videos From Our Clients


Difference Between Good and Bad Website Designers!


If you are in the search of a good website designer then you must know the answer to this question, “what are the basic difference between a bad website designer and a good website designer? Only then you can compare both with each other and choose the best one. Now, here are some points for a bad website designer.

A bad website designer will create a website which will take too long to load the site. His created website will be hard to navigate for your visitors. The communication or I can say the content writing on your website will be bad for your users.

He will not make the content easy to understand for your visitors, and he will not give the call to actions on your website. Still, there are many bad website designers out there who creates websites for computers only or I can say for bigger screens but do not take care of the client’s mobile site but these days, mobile view is more important than laptop view.

These types of bad website creators make websites which are not mobile friendly and your users will not spend time on your website. If you live in Batala and looking for a website designer in your area then Khalsa Website Designers is the best choice for you.

A bad web developer in Punjab will not make your website search engine friendly that means, your website will not be SEO friendly and you will struggle to rank on any search engine out there. I have got many clients from all over the world who got hacked or their website was hacked by any hacker and now they need a website.

DDoS Attack Protection Punjab India

Their previous website designer did not spend time and configured the security on their website that is why now, their website is down and hacked by someone.

We care about everything for our clients so that they do not have to worry about those things, which they should not worry about. We provide everything which a good or you can say the best website designer in Punjab can or should offer.

If you choose us, your website will load very fast all over the world, the navigation structure of your website will be clear for humans and google bots to understand and crawl your website. We create 3 versions of your website, the first version is the bigger screen version which includes the computer and laptops.

The second view is for the tablets out there and the last but not least, the mobile view. The mobile view gets the most of users these days. So we take special take care of mobile phone view of your website. We are also in Khanna, Punjab so choose us for your website designing project. 

Let me promise you a few things in the bottom, See, there are many website designers out there in Punjab and other states in India but what makes us different and better than others?

The answer is:

  1. We create awesome looking websites.
  2. We create websites which are faster to load in any browsers. Some of our client’s websites open before 1 second too.
  3. Your website will be secure. We provide 16+ security features totally free. Our competitors charge a lot of money for website security each year but we give all the security features out there for free for the lifetime period.
  4. Our name says it all. We have more than 800+ satisfied clients who got their websites created from us and this number is increasing.
  5. We guide the businessman in the right direction so that they can focus on their business and we can provide him the helping hand he needs to grow his business.

Why Choose Khalsa Website Designers?

why choose khalsa website designers Punjab India

We Spend Time To Understand Your Project: We do like to understand your business. We want to know about your goals and we spend time to understand your and your needs/requirements.

We first listen to our clients and their needs and then we provide them the quotation/price for their project. (There are few website designers in Phagwara area and if you want a local website develper then do contact Khalsa Website Designers today).

Our pricing is dam reasonable thus our competitors can not beat our pricing. After understanding your industry/market we then start creating your website and then the website speak to your visitors and it does build trust with your website’s visitors.

See, a lot of website designers do not spend time to fully understand your business and your requirements. They just want to earn quick money by getting your project started. They do not care if you earn money in the future from your website or not.

And do you know that I have seen many websites which do not rank anywhere in any search engine and does not generate any return on the investment? This is because they are skipping the first part, which is understanding your needs and industry properly. Some website designers rush straight into designing your website without doing the research they should do to get you started with an SEO optimized website.

There are a lot of things to share with you, but this page is getting quite big. You can call us and ask us anything if you have any question. I personally will be taking your call and will be happy to answer all of your questions.

What IT Means And What IT Company Can Do To Help Your Business?

Information technology refers to the system to the development, use of a computer or as well as maintained of different types of software.

For the distribution of any type of data in a better way information technology is the best option for you. If you want to know about in detail regarding information technology then once click on IT Company in Punjab.

On the other hand, we say that it includes the process of hardware, software or as well as networking. For any type of commutation system information technology play the most important role so if you are infested to develop your that type of system in a good way then once you need to click on IT companies in Punjab.

In the present time, information technology covers a very vast area because most people are like to get the all system online through the internet that’s why for a better life IT good source for everyone. A lot of people ask us if we give our website designing services in Firozpuror not we tell them that yes, we are also there.

If you have a plan to install any type of computer system then once click on Best IT companies Punjab. IT also involves a different type of designing or as well as operating terms.

It is also helpful to create a business environment for those people who want to maintain their online business or earn a high level of profitability. Just in less time with the help of IT services in Punjab, you can easily handle the development of your information technology system.

According to Top IT companies in Punjab prefer that Information technology also depends upon computer science so if you want to handle any type of process just in limited time then we recommend to you once click on Best IT companies Punjab. That type of activity provides sufficient information within the help of communication, server, network, internet, database, software, application or many more.

So if you have a plan to arrange all IT terms within the help of professionals then once you click on IT Company in Punjab just in one click you can easily know about everything in detail regarding information technology.

A unique type of information technology also includes the different types of coding systems which helps to arrange your all database programs in a better way. To get the answers about your any type of query regarding that type of code or programmers once visits on IT companies in Punjab. It provides you with more benefits which help to control all devices according to your desire.

Most of the companies use that type of terms to easily arrange the online system in a better way so that’s why they can easily earn more profitability or find out the new and loyal customers regarding their business. It includes a high-quality solution at a reasonable cost you just need to click on the Cheapest IT Company Punjab.

When you click on IT services in Punjab then you can also get the unique type of information technology activities that help to increase the value of your any type of business. Information technology provides you to show the type of information that you want to transform throughout the world. IT services in Punjab were also helpful to produce a good type of information technology devices so that’s why you can easily maintain your communication system in a better way within others.


According to IT company in Punjab for the successful development of your business information technology play a wider role because within the help of it you can easily share any type of information regarding your product on the internet.

It provides more innovation to get more success in your business that’s why we say that for all businessman this is a good and important term to generate more profitability regarding their products. It’s harder to imagine any type of business activity without the involvement of information technology.

If you want to get success once click on Top IT companies in Punjab because For any type of business concern information technology is more important because without it your business is not going to go far.

Best IT companies Punjab gives to you more terms for the development and success of your business through information technology. in agriculture activities we are also using the computers or as well as information technology system which helps to arrange the production records, financial planning or different type of technical issues that’s why we can easily say that it is very important for all who want to develop their business in a unique way .

To know more regarding IT for the good agriculture activates once click on IT companies in Punjab.

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