Why Do You Need Website Security?

Your official business website is a brand which is the first contact source for new customers. If for some reason, your website designer has not taken care of the security of your website then it can effect a lot on your online reputation. Hackers nowadays are smarter than some website designers out there, who never worry about their client’s website security. But we focus on the security at first and do not charge any money for the security because website security, speed and the design is the focus area here at Khalsa Website Designers.

Top 10 Tips To Get Your Website Secured From Hackers Around The World!

#1. Choose Secure Hosting Company.

Hosting/Server is the basic requirement of a website to get online. We believe that if the base is perfect then the structure which will stand on that base, will also be perfect but if the base is unprofessional, then everything on your website will be unprofessional. There are tons of hosting services out there, but when you choose the one, you should check if this company is providing a secured hosting server or just a server. Most startups use Multi Domain hosting/Shared server but one day they understand that the speed and security of their website is on the edge. So choose Khalsa Website Designers as we have secured and the fastest server in India.

#2. Always Use HTTPS Encryption.

Https is very important these days for all websites as google has announced that if your website do not have SSL Certificate then google chrome users can see a warning on your website that the “connection to this website is not secure”. SSL certificate will save you and your clients to get hacked on your website. Hackers steal the login information if you do not have the SSL certificate on your business website. SSL certificate has to be renewed yearly and all other website designing services and hosting providers are selling this certificate for more than 1600 rupees but Khalsa Website Designers provide SSL Certificate just for 780 Rupees. We take care of our client’s website’s security very seriously.

#3. Auto Malware Scanner Functionality.

Hackers can inject malware to anyone’s website and then ask for money to remove that virus. That malware can do various things on your website like making your website load super slow or show ads on your site and then they ask for money to remove that malware. If you have unconter that issue before then you know what i mean and how costly it can be to save your website. Khalsa Website Designers do not take any risk for our client’s website and offer Malware cleaner without any extra cost. So that our clients do not have to face that issue in his life and do not experience those hacking attacks.

#4. Brute Force Protection

A very common hacking trick is to guess someone’s password by using softwares which keep trying passwords 24×7 and once they guess the password, You are hacked. To prevent those types of hacking softwares, Khalsa Website Designers is offering Brute Force Protection to our clients without charging any extra cost. People charge a lot of money for this feature but we care for our clients a lot and do not take risks. That is why our clients are super happy from our service as we offer tons of addons and premium services for free which other website designers can not afford.

#5. Auto Lockout Bad Users

The title of this security service says it all. If our security software running on your website finds any bad user which is trying to access many 404 pages or doing any other bad user activity then those users will be auto lockout so that they can not inject or send bad website signals to google. Hackers often try various tricks to hack someone’s website and they just need one clue to find that hole. Khalsa Website Designers is offering this security where bad visitors of your website will be auto blocked which are trying to eat your bandwidth in your server.

#6. Hide Admin & Login Link

Basically, people use /Login or /Wp-login for their dashboard area to login inside their control panel. Hackers know that very well and try to hack someone’s website after finding the login link of the site. For our client’s website we hide login link of our client’s dashboard on his request. So that the hacker can not find the login page to try the hacking software. Khalsa Website Designer’s main goal is to protect our clients from those bad people out there.

#7. Database Backups On Autopilot

Some of our clients are really big and they update their e-commerce website in every hour. They have dashboard/control panel access where they can edit their website from their end, they also add products easily but as those clients are not that good at computers they do mistakes sometimes. And to get that deleted data back they need to restore the site. Ve take backups on daily, weekly and monthly basis and never charge any rupee for the backup service. As we believe that the security of our client’s website is our responsibility. That is why we are the best in website designing industry and our clients loves our customer support service.

#8. Use Google Captcha Service On Login Link

To take the security to the next level google has created a service name “Google Captcha” this is one of my best tool which i use on my website too. If you have captcha service enabled in your website that means softwares, bots, and robots which are programmed to guess passwords and unlock your website, will be blocked by Google Captcha service. Google does not charge for their service so do we also no charge for this awesome website security service.

#9. XML-RPC Protection

It is very hard to understand how XML-RPC service works but i will make it very simple for your guys to understand about what this feature is and how we protect from this type of attack. XML-RPC is a service which make the communication with your website to other websites but often hackers misuse this feature to send wrong communication signals to your website. Basically this feature is not needed by more then 95% of business owner’s websites but by default this feature is always turned on. Khalsa Website Designers, make sure that this feature is off so that we can protect our client’s website.

#10. DDoS Attack Protection

This hacking trick is like a black magic. If someone do not like you they can hire someone on the internet to do this DDos Attack on your website. Basicly, when you start earning money from your website your competitors hire computer expert to do this attack on your website. With this attack, your website can go down for many hours. As DDos attack can overload your server which makes your website go down. But luckily, our clients are safe as we use DDos Attack protection on our server. With this premium service, the guy who try to attack your website will be auto blocked to access your website in his computer and the best part is that ve do not charge any rupee for this service too.

More ``Must Have`` Security Features For Your Website

Automatically Ban Bad Users/IP

Our security system is very intelligent, and it knows that if the visitor is using a safe IP address or if it is a hacker's IP address.

Remove RSD Header Information

In the header.php there are many files which are normally not usable but still by default those files are in the head section of the site.

Change Website's Salts & Keys

By default, the salts key is setup once in the starting and it is a good practice to make this salt key auto change after some time.

Reduce Comment Spam

On the internet there are many softwares which can help hackers or scammers to send lot of spam into your emails and website comments.

File Change Detection

Our security feature will keep it's eye on your website to find any file change. If there is any change then we get email.

Strong Password Enforcement

To keep your password uncrackable we recommend strong passwords. If you get dashboard from us then you get this feature.

Why Should You ChooseKhalsa Website Designers?

We as Khalsa Website Designers, the award winning website designing company in Punjab has a vision of fast, secure and beautiful looking websites on the internet. Our main goal is to provide unhackable websites and the best part is that we do not charge for our security softwares. We have top 10+ security features, which we provide to all of our clients without any extra cost.

Choosing the best website designer of Punjab will help you to get the extra premium services added to your website for no extra cost. If you choose us then you stay ahead of your competition in the search engine results and the business who is on the top rank on google will get 95% of the work. So, if you want a secure website without spending any extra money then simply choose Khalsa Website Designers for your official business website as we do understand your requirements and provide you extra than you need.

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