100% Responsive Website

Our clients get 4 different versions of their business website. Let me define those versions for you = Desktop, Laptop, Tab and Mobile. Basically, a responsive design is a type of layout which gets auto adjusted according to the screen size. If you have a bigger screen then our clients website gets bigger but if someone has smaller screen size like mobile/smartphones then that same website will be smartly auto adjusting the screen size.

100% Responsive Website Punjab

Fully Secured Cpanel Including Hulk Protection Punjab

Fully Secured Cpanel, Including Hulk Protection

cPHulk Brute Force Protection is tool which protects your hosting server from hackers from a well known security thread name brute force. Basically, this tool is not used by many website designs in their server. Because of that many websites get hacked now a days. Khalsa Website Designers care our clients security. So, we include cPHulk Brute Force Protection without any extra cost.

Extremely Fast Loading Time

  • Rendering of HTML Files
  • Competition of CSS Files
  • Combining of HTML & CSS to Make It Extremely Fast
  • Compressing All Media/Images Very Smartly To Reduce Size
  • CDN Takes Your Website To The Whole Next Lavel
  • Mignify of JAVA Files
  • Cache Serving To Browsers For Fast Loading Time
  • Optimizing Fonts On Website
  • 2-3 Seconds of Loading Time

Extremely Fast Website Loading Time Punjab

Live Chat Functionality Including Mobile Apps Punjab

Live Chat Functionality Including Mobile Apps

If someone visit your our client’s website, Our clients will get notification in their mobile phone. Our clients can start the chat with their website visitors or the visitor can also start the live chat. Our clients get Android & iOS apps for their smartphones so that they can chat with their visitors easily.

SSL Protection Included

From 31th July 2018, Google has made SSL Certificate recommended for all website owners for their Chrome browser. Its protects users data, For example: If you have a website which has SSL Certificate then a hacker can not steal login information of the user of the site. To stay safe, Google recommends SSL Encryption.

SSL Protection Included Https Connection Punjab

Advanced Click To Call Feature Punjab

Advanced Click To Call Feature

Let’s say someone came to your website and he wants to call you. They have to find the contact us page from the menu area and then find your number which he has to copy and paste into his dialer pad. But luckily, Khalsa Website Designers has a easy fix for this issue. We provide you a click to call button which is available on all pages of your website so that a visitor of your website can click a button which is always available on mobile phones and get in touch with you by pushing a button. We do not charge anything for this feature as our main goal is not to just create a website, our goal is to make our clients the bigger brand on the internet.

Cloud SSD VPS (Virtual Private Server) The Best Server Of 2018

There are various types of servers in the market but beware from those cheap types of servers as those cheap servers can get your business website hacked and the website speed will be very slow. We have Virtual Private Servers which are on Cloud Technology and has SSD storage. This server is fully secured and very fast and never goes down like multi-domain hosting. If you are serious about your business and want to become the authority in your industry then getting the best server is highly recommended by us.

Cloud SSD VPS Virtual Private Server Punjab

Khalsa Website Designers Is Well Known For:

SEO Friendly Websites

Secured From Hackers

Super Fast Loading Speed

Client's Satisfaction

Why ChooseThe Best Website Designer?

The best website designer of Punjab knows what our clients needs on their website to get more traffic on their official business website. So, we provide each and everything at one roof. From Websites, Hosting, SEO, Security and Mobile Apps, Etc we offer each and everything some can ask for their website.

Khalsa Website Designers is a dedicated platform, specially for websites and online promotions in Punjab and nearby states in India. Most of our clients are from Australia, Canada, England, India and America. We rank on Google and we are the authority in the website designing industry in Punjab.

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