What Is VPS Hosting?

VPS Means Virtual Private Server. As the names says it all that it is a private server not any shared server. Be Careful from shared servers are there are risks of hacks and slow websites in shared servers but inside our private server you will get the security, priority, speed and 100% up time of the server. If you are serious about your business and want to find the best server in very reasonable price then choose our server as it is the best in the market. We are providing our VPS in the price of shared server. Contact us to get more information.

VPS Punjab

Why Choose VPS Server?

SSD Storage

SSD means Solid State Disk. This is a latest technology in the hard drives. It makes the data travel 600% faster.

Firewall To Protect

All website designers face DDOS attacks, but we have a special Firewall on our server which can block the attackers.

Unlimited Resources

As we use VPS hosting because of that you are getting unlimited resources that means your website will always be live.

Auto Website Backups

We keep weekly backup for all of our clients. Other website designers charge extra for this service but we do not.

Latest PHP Version

The latest version of PHP helps to prevent hacks and increase the speed. We only use the latest PHP versions.

ModSecurity Feature

We care for your website and security so we have enabled the Mod Security on our servers to prevent hackers and spammers.

The Best Virtual Private Server (VPS) In Punjab

Faster Than Other Servers.

We are upgrading our servers after few months to meet the latest trend to provide speed and security to our clients without any extra cost. Our servers are the best in the market as we have optimized our servers to meet our clients goals. We have invest so much in our servers and got really good dedicated servers which can handle tons to traffic without any down time. Our clients loves the speed of their website and the security as we believe that the website security is very important for each and every website owner. So, we do not charge for the security from our clients.

The Safest Server On The Planet.

If you compare our security services with Godaddy or any other security providing company then you will see that we are 100% cheaper than them. Why i say 100% because they charge a lot of money to provide only 4 security features but we provide 16+ security features without any cost. We want to provide the peace of mind to our corporate brothers. So, we have invest into the best security which we provide to all of our customers for free.

The Best Virtual Private Server In Punjab

Auto SSL Certificate Renewal Punjab

Auto SSL Certificate Renewal

Khalsa Website Designers is the only company in Punjab which is offering free SSL Certificate renewal each year for lifetime. All other website designing and hosting companies in Punjab are charging high money each year for the SSL Certificate renewal. For example if you visit Godaddy’s website and check the pricing for SSL Certificate. You will see that they are charging nearly 4 thousand rupees per year for the SSL Certificate renewal each year. But we are offering free upgradation each year for our clients. We invest in the technologies which can make our clients happy.

Websites Should Be Fully SSL Protected.

If you want to tell your users that your website is safe to login, You should get 100% secure encryption. If you see https in any website that means that website is fully secure and you can put your login details in that website and no hacker can steal your login information from your internet network. Google Chrome made it clear that from 2019 SSL Certificate is important to have for all the websites out there. We also offer SSL Certificates for very reasonable price. We do offer SSL Certificates for lifetime for unbelievable price to our clients only.

You Can Make Your Server More Powerful



  • Unlimited SSD Storage
  • A Custom Email
  • Webmail Feature
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • PHP 7.1 Version
  • Technical Support (No Extra Cost)



  • Secure Connection
  • Green Pad Lock For Mozilla Firefox
  • Secure Sign On Google Chrome
  • Auto Renewal Feature
  • Yearly Valid Certification
  • 100% Encryption Security



  • Origin Shield
  • All Over The World
  • Under 2 Seconds Website Opening Time
  • Website Security To The Next Level
  • Hotlink Protection
  • Purge By Cache-Tag

Never Buy Shared Server or Multi Domain Hosting.

In 2008, we started our website designing and hosting business here in Punjab. Since then we were also on shared server but till 2012 we decided to purchase VPS servers because a lot of customers were having issues in emails delivery and speed issues. We wanted to make our clients happy so we purchased the VPS servers for them and did not charge anything from them for the server upgradation. Shared servers are bad for business websites, as emails do not come on time, sometimes the websites are down and there are many other reasons why we do not recommend shared servers at all.

The Best Virtual Private Server In Punjab

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