Terms And Conditions

Hello everyone, This is to notify all of my clients that there is no money back for the work which we have already done. Till today:- 26-08-2017 no one has asked for any money back yet, but still, I want to inform everyone as few clients asked me if there is any money back guarantee or not before they got their website designed from us. So, I thought to create a special page where all the future clients can read about our terms and conditions related to the money back.

As I have made my self cleared above that there is no money back guarantee. If you have given us any work to do and we have already done the work and then after a few months if you ask for the money back. We are not going to give any money back because we have already worked and spent time to create that functionality for you.

We will only money back in this case if you asked us to start the website and we did not do anything on your website. In this case, we will be refunding you the money.

But if we have already worked on your website according to what you said, and spent months to work for your website, and then suddenly you ask for the refund, then we are not going to refund, as it does not make any sense.

Time is money for everyone. So, if we work on your website according to your instructions that means we have spent time to make you happy.

If you still are not happy for some unknown reason, you can contact us and let us know what changes do you need on your website, and we will be doing those changes for you to make you happy.

We spent time to listen to your requirements and provide you exactly what you asked us to create. If you do not update us or reply to our messages and ask for a refund after months then still we are not going to refund the money, as you are the one who did not reply, You did not provide us the content on request. Without the content we can not complete the website, So, if you think we have not completed your website, then you should know that you are the one who did not reply or not provided the content. So, we are not able to provide you the refund in this case as well.

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