The hosting industry is augmenting so as other related industries like web design and development are also growing.  This has created “n” a number of opportunities for the startups to establish themselves in such an industry to earn a good amount of profit. Being a web designer Punjab, developer, blogger or startup you must have come across these two hosting terms called shared and VPS hosting and today we are going to talk about Shared Hosting Vs. VPS Hosting.

These two terms are easy to understand, but in reality, most buyers get stuck between these two hosting solutions and often end with the wrong decision.

This usually happens because they are not aware of which hosting solution is better for their website and which hosting provider they should trust.  Let’s understand these two hosting solutions in-depth and know which one you should choose.

What is shared hosting?

Shared hosting is the most commonly used type of hosting solution because of affordable pricing. It is nothing but a single server on which multiple users host their website or blog.

All the users share the same resources like bandwidth, processor, RAM and disk space.  Moreover, all users get the resources and tools required to develop your website.

How does a shared hosting platform work?

In Cheap Shared Hosting, the server is partitioned in order to host several user accounts. All users get full control over his/her website, blog, emails and databases.

It is like buying a flat in one apartment – you can select one flat for yourself and in that, you will get all the required resources. But if we talk about the apartment, then you need to share the common facilities like electricity, water and other facilities with existing members.

What type of websites can opt for Shared hosting?

If you are an owner of a small and medium-sized website, blogger or student then shared hosting is the best option for you. In shared hosting, website owners get the flexibility to begin their own online business.

In short, if you are starting a new website or blog, then shared hosting is the right way to begin your journey.  Similarly, if you ask which provider is best for shared hosting then I will suggest MilesWeb.

The reason behind this is that they provide the best web hosting service at an affordable cost. If you are looking for best-shared hosting then check MilesWeb shared hosting plans that are starting from Rs.999/yr.

They provide three plans for three server locations that are India, UK and USA in shared hosting that are mentioned below:


When is the right time to upgrade:

If you are newly starting your website then it is obvious that after some time you will experience high traffic on your website and this clearly indicates that you are growing in terms of performance.

Here, shared hosting is not enough to cater for the needs of your website. In that case, you can consider Cheap VPS Hosting for advanced features.

What is VPS hosting?

In VPS hosting, virtualization technology is used to partition the physical server hardware into small virtual servers. You get a separate virtual server along with all the required resources like operating system, dedicated RAM and CPU.

In short, you are paying for VPS hosting, but getting the benefits of dedicated hosting. You can also customize the VPS hosting resources as per the requirement. VPS hosting acts as an intermediate between shared and dedicated hosting and it is a perfect solution for those websites that receive high traffic and want faster loading speed, robust service and stability at an affordable price.

How does VPS hosting work?

In this type of hosting environment, all websites are hosted on a virtual private server that is powered by superior hardware.

Your hosting provider splits the server into several small virtual sections and server software is designed separately for each user. Your website performance won’t get affected because of other websites’ performance.  You get complete root access on the server.

VPS server is safe and isolated from the other customers. It is like buying a row house in the same area where several other row houses are based.

Why choose VPS hosting?

When you feel that your website is over-consuming the resources available in the shared hosting then you need to think about the up-gradation of the plan.  Now you will ask which is the right hosting solution for you?

Then your answer is VPS hosting because you need advanced features to make your website more functional or robust. Let’s take a glance at when is the right time to switch to VPS hosting:

MilesWeb: Best provider for VPS hosting

For VPS hosting, you can consider MilesWeb as they provide VPS hosting at Rs. 390/mo only and you get two server location choices one is the USA and the second is India.

If you want to know more then contact their support team as they offer 24*7*365 days support along with 30-day money-back and 99.95% uptime.


Shared Hosting Vs VPS hosting

From the above screenshots, you can see the difference between shared and VPS hosting. In shared, you share the resources, whereas, in a VPS, you get complete root access. If you want to get SEO then follow the provided link on this page.

In terms of pricing, shared is most preferable because it is available at a cheap price that newbies find easy to start with and VPS hosting is a bit costly but available at an affordable price.

From a performance point of view, VPS is more superior to shared hosting. Moreover, you get more features in VPS hosting in comparison to shared hosting.


Ah!! This comparison is enough for newbies and startups to understand the concept of shared and VPS in detail.

It’s time to upgrade your shared hosting to VPS hosting to excel the performance of the website easily.