Do you want to send emails to 30 Thousand people in a month for a very low price? If yes then read this small article till the end.

The Best Email Marketing Company In Punjab

Hi friends, This is Daljit Singh from Khalsa Website Designers. I have designed a software where you can insert as many emails id you wish and then 1 click to send these emails to all email ids. You can send 30 thousand emails per month for a very very low price. If you want to send more then 30 Thousand emails per month then we have other pricing planes as well. You will get full control in your hands. As you will get a control panel for you to manage everything. It will be as easy as using Facebook. If you want to promote your business on Facebook then I have designed one more software where you can send your post to all of your joined Facebook groups in one single click. I will create videos as well and upload it here on my website.

For more information please call me on my cell @ +919592253138 and get a free advice from the best website/app designer of Punjab.

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