Do you want that when someone search for your business they see your website on the first rank and how to get to your business map, contact details, address, opening hours and other information about your business on the right hand side? If yes then you should read this article till the end.

We Put Your Business On Google Maps Navigation In Punjab and From All Over The World.

Hi friends, This is Daljit Singh from Khalsa Website Designers. Many people ask me that when someone search for their business they should get their google maps thing on the right hand side. Well, Google maps is a free service which is provide by Google My Business. You can also set it up from you Gmail id. We also apply for our clients and charge only 200 rupees only to apply for. We are the cheapest all in one website and mobile designing solution in Punjab. Cheapest does not mean by that. Cheapest means that we do not charge you like others. We are not hungry for money. We are hungry for good and happy customers who will bring us more customers and this will happen when we will charge you less and provide you the best service.

You can search on Google for our business name to find how Google Maps Navigation looks like. Search for this on Google — Khalsa Website Designers and you will find us on the top and on the left hand and on the right hand side. Where there will be all contact information about our business. If you need any expert’s advice then you should call us today. Providing advice is 100% free. So what you waiting for call us now @ +919592253138.

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