Welcome to our Refund Policy page. Khalsa Website Designers has a refund policy and it goes like this “If you ask for the refund between 15 days, we will refund you. But if you are asking for a refund for something which has exceeded 15 days of service then sorry, do not refund for those items.

We Provide Nearly 6 Services To Our Clients.

  1. Website Designing.
  2. Website Hosting.
  3. Website Security.
  4. Website Speed (CDN Service).
  5. SEO Service.
  6. Mobile Application Development

1. Here is the Refund Policy for Website Designing Services:  If you have paid us via online for the website designing and looking for a refund then let me inform you that if we have spent time on your website and you no need for a website then still we have invested a lot of time on your website. So, you will be getting a refund only 50%. Other 50% will be not refunded as we have spent time on your website. You must ask for the refund in 15 days.

2. Here is the Refund Policy for Hosting Services: If you have got any server from us for a year and do not want that server anymore for any reason simply send us an email in 15 days of setting up your server. So that we can send you the refund back. But if you contact us after 15 days then sorry, a refund will not be approved.

3. Here is the Refund Policy for Website Security: The same policy goes for website security. That means 15 days refund policy and this policy goes for all other services we offer.

Once your refund is approved, This refund will be automatically credited to your bank account you paid from in next 5 working days. If in between 5 days you do not get a refund back to your bank account then simply contact us at khalsawebsitedesigners@gmail.com

Refund Policy For Subscriptions/Renewals.

If you have subscribed to any of the subscription plans like Hosting renewals, CDN renewals, SSL Certificate renewals and Emails renewals then make sure to cancel the subscription before the next renewal or ask for the refund in between 15 days of time or the payment will not be refunded.

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