Security is one of the very important thing here at Khalsa Website Designers. So, we do not share any type of login information with anyone even if our client is asking for but if our client needs this information just to keep it save somewhere then yes, we do share the login information but if he is going to give this information to someone else who can access and have a look at everything we have done for our client then it will be violation of our privacy policy.

  • As we use premium themes. So, we do not share those themes in the backup.
  • We use premium plugins. So. we do not share those plugins in the backup.

We reserve the right not to provide cPanel login details if we know that client will be sharing this details with other developers or designers.

We do not offer wordpress dashboard login if you have not purchased it separately to access and If you are not selling products on your website then we reserve the rights not to provide login details for dashboard area. But, we are sure that your site is in safe hands and you are the only one who will need dashboard access then yes, you will get this dashboard access.

In short: this privacy policy is only for those people who are trying to trick Khalsa Website Designers to reveal about why our websites are super fast, why our designs are always 100% responsible and what premium services we are using in the backend for our clients.

Conclusion: If you need login details for your own purpose then yes we can share it but if we know that you need it for other developer then sorry, we can not share any type of login details with you.

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