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You should always choose the mobile app developer who create mobile applications in both platforms. At Khalsa Website Designers, we create both platforms like Android apps and iOS apps for our clients. There are 2 different types of mobile apps, which i am going to discuss below.

Different Types Of Applications

Yes, there are basically 2 types of mobile apps. The first one is getting your website converted into mobile app. The second one is to get a mobile app which is created by 100% coding. Both mobile apps types has advantages and disadvantages too. It all depends upon your needs and requirements, the prices has huge difference in both types. Again, below i am going to mention both of these types again for you.

Converting Website Into Mobile App

Creating The App With Coding

Do You Need Application For Your Business?

It depends on your business type and need of your clients. If your competitors are offering mobile apps to their clients then you should also get one for your business to stay in the competition but if your business is a local business and in the mobile app your clients will not get any benefit then there is no need of a mobile application.

Why Choose Khalsa Website Designers?


  • We have been creating mobile apps from last 4 years.
  • We create apps which are responsive and dedicated to small screen sizes.
  • Our apps are lightweight.
  • We offer both platforms and after 2018, we will offer Windows, Blackberry, Nokia Symbian apps too.
  • Our apps consume low battery life.
  • We upload your apps to Google Play Store and Apple Store too.

What Our Clients Say AboutGetting Website Converted into App?

“If your budget is low and you need the same look of your mobile browser view of your website into app then getting your website converted into mobile app is the best choice because it solves the problem and in very low cost you get a mobile application. The good part is that Khalsa Website Designers can convert website into mobile app for Android & iPhone users both.

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