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Here are some of those questions which everyone asks us over the phone call. We thought to answer those questions here for your ease.

1. In How Many Days Can You Complete My Website?

It depends on various things. For example, if you have a normal website then it will take nearly 10 – 21 days but if you have any ECommerce website which lets you sell things from your website. That type of websites can take up to 21 – 35 days to get it fully completed. Some websites are more complicated so those websites can take a long time too.

2. Can You Backup My Website For Me?

Yes, we provide website backup service to our clients. This service is totally free for everyone who has got their website designed by us. Your website will be backing up each and every day. We keep the latest 30 days backup for all of our client’s websites. There is no other website designer in Punjab which provide this service. This service is exclusive to our clients only.

3. Do You Provide SEO Service Too?

Yes, we do provide SEO service but only to those clients who have got their website created from us. Those who have got their website created by someone else, we do not do SEO for those clients.

4. Do You Provide Social Media Marketing?

Yes, we do, But only to those clients who have got their website designed by us and those who have got it from someone else we do not provide SMM service to them. Because when other people create the website they miss a lot of basic things which become a very hard thing to find each and everything and then do them. So, we are not just providing this Social media marketing service to our clients only.

5. Do You Create Websites Which Looks Good On Mobile Phones Too?

Yes, we work on the responsive layouts only. That means we create mobile-friendly websites. We provide 3 versions of a website. One is laptop/computer/desktop the second is the tablet devices and the 3rd is the mobile devices. No matter what screen size you have, your website will automatically cover the screen smartly.

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